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NOV 12, 2019: SAFETY RECALL NOTICE – Direct Drive and No.7 pottery wheels. CLICK HERE

Venco is an internationally renowned manufacturer and exporter of high quality equipment for ceramics artists and related pottery industry. Venco manufacture a range of electric potters wheels, pugmills, slab rollers, clay extruders and a glass grinder. Venco equipment is world recognised as a leader in both innovative and quality equipment.A three year warranty is offered on most Venco equipment. This together with great after sales help, gives peace of mind when purchasing Venco equipment.

We have been exporting pugmills and potters wheels internationally since 1979. Over this span of nearly three decades Venco have sold over 40,000 wheels and more than 9000 pugmills. These numbers speak for themselves about our international reputation for quality and reliability.

The Venco range of wheels and pugmills are designed to cater for the hobbyist through to professional and industry. There is a Venco product to suit your needs and budget!

Please search our website for the information you require about the Venco product to suit you. Our products can then be sourced from the nearest of our worldwide network of Venco agents.

For more information and the history of Venco products see our company profile.

Safety recall NOTICE – Product recall of Venco No. 3 and No. 5 Wheels purchased between May 2015 and July 2018 and wheels which had a replacement motor fitted between those dates MORE INFO – CLICK HERE